Bottega Still Wines

Bottega Still Wines

Bottega is a family owned company based in the heart of the Prosecco region near Conegliano, North-East Italy that has been producing premium quality, typical Italian wines, grappa, spirits and artisan food products since 1977. 

Bottega Still Wines History

Product Information

Bottega is known for showcasing the truest expression of still and sparkling wines which are bound to the values of quality, tradition and Italian style whilst staying as eco-friendly as possible to the environment.

Bottega’s ethos is to create the best quality products possible, presented in the most beautiful packaging. Their vision is to give their consumers the best drinking experience they can find. 

The innovative and iconic metallic packaging on their most premium spirits and sparkling wines has earned them a strong global reputation for luxury products, with numerous awards across their portfolio.

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