Gancia Sparkling Wines

Gancia Sparkling Wines

Founded in 1850 by Carlo Gancia, the creator of the first Italian sparkling wine, Gancia Is an international leader in the production of sparkling wines and vermouth.

With 2,000 hectares of vineyards and five million kilograms of grapes vinified, Gancia, based in Canelli, in the heart of Italy’s Asti region, produces sparkling wine, still wines and aperitifs distributed to over 60 countries.


Gancia Sparkling Wines History

Product Information

The Gancia sparkling wine portfolio ranges from sweet to dry, and from Charmat method to prestige vintages fermented for more than five years.

Launched in the UK in 2015, with Prosecco, Methodo Clasico, Pinot Di Pinot, Vermouth and Americano, Gancia continues to significantly grown driven by the UK’s love for sparkling wine.

Since 1850, the Gancia company has accumulated an impressive heritage, pioneering the first ever Italian sparkling wine in 1865 and created the first White Vermouth before 1893. It has earned its legendary and respected status as an innovative Italian brand. 

The search for the perfect product is at the heart of Gancia’s culture: from the selection of the land to the inspection of the grapes, carefully harvested in baskets, from the soft grape pressing to the creation of the cuvée, each phase is performed almost with obsession, controlling the whole process until the bottle.

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