Villa Lobos Tequila

Villa Lobos Tequila

Villa Lobos Tequila is produced from hand-picked agave grown in the Camarena family-owned plantations, which are then ‘cooked’, fermented & distilled in the old-fashioned way, at La Alteña distillery near Arandas in Los Altos (the Tequila highlands). Villa Lobos Tequila is jointly owned by the Camarena and the Sklar families.

Villa Lobos Tequila History

Product Information

Unusually, the agave used for Villa Lobos is entirely harvested at the Camarena Family plantations in Los Altos, the celebrated Arandas highlands. This ensures that only the very finest plants with the highest fructose levels are hand selected.

Unlike most distilleries using a chain saw for speed and ease of stacking, each agave is chopped in half by a skilled ‘axeman’ who examines its gender: if a male plant, the waxy cuticle near the root, which can impart bitter flavour and impair the quality, is additionally removed with the razor-sharp axe (Cogollo). Almost no one else does this! The halved agave piñas (hearts of the agave) are then slowly cooked in old traditional brick ovens for 36 hours (24 injecting hot steam + 12 hours without steam) and allowed another 24 hours to cool down (most distilleries now use rapid cooking stainless steel ‘autoclaves’ / pressure cookers) but this wouldn’t be good enough for Villa Lobos.

“It took 8 years to get the agave here , so what’s another few days?…”

After steaming in the ovens, the piñas are then crushed in the mill, partly to separate the agave juice from the fiber, and also to make it easier to ferment the natural sugars into alcohol (which is the point of fermentation). The resulting aromas and flavours of the ‘miel de agave’ (honey of the agave) are beyond description and indeed the essence of the final distillate…

Natural spring water from our own artesian well is then added to the juice and the mash of fibers and juice is sent into traditional large old pine fermentation tanks (wooden tanks have almost disappeared from distilleries nowadays, as they are so much harder to work with, however the end result justifies the extra efforts.)


Awarded "Best Tequila" at the 2015 San Fransisco International Spirits Competition.


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