Larios Gin

Brand History

Larios® Dry Gin was originally established in 1866 by Charles Lamothe, a French wine entrepreneur, and his Spanish associate, Fernando Jiménez in Malaga. In 1916, the third marquis, José Aurelio Larios, who provided the financial backing to Jiménez and Lamothe, purchased the company and changed the name to Larios & Cía

In 1932, Larios Dry Gin was given the name by which it is well-known today. Today Larios is the number one selling Gin brand in Spain.

Larios Gin History

Product Information

Larios is a Mediterranean gin that has become loved by many generations since its origins in Malaga in 1866. Since then the Mediterranean has become the very essence of Larios, as Spain’s most iconic gin that symbolises and evokes the feeling of its birthplace. ‘Mediterranean Spirit’ is about more than a region or place: it evokes a certain attitude, a unique way of living, feeling and enjoying life, together with a high-quality, historic gin.


Larios Signature Serves

Signature Serve

Larios Signature Serves

Larios Dry: Fill copa glass with ice, 50cl Larios Dry, top with tonic and add a slice of orange and lemon.

Larios Rosé Fill copa glass with ice, 50cl Larios Rosé, top with lemonade and sliced strawberries.

Larios 12: Fill copa glass with ice, 50cl Larios 12, top with Mediterranean tonic and add a swirl of orange and lime peel.

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