Eden Mill Gin

Eden Mill Gin


As Scotland's first single-site distillery and brewery, making gin, whisky and beer, Eden Mill spirit is created by our distillers in copper pot-stills and exhibits a wide range of flavours from botanicals sourced from the local area, as well as from around the world. As creators of craft gin our team of distillers have the opportunity to marry the best practices from all these disciplines.

Eden Mill Gin History
Eden Mill Gin Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

  • Original: Lemongrass and sweet citrus fruits on the nose. Seabuckthorn berry tartness, blood orange and grapefruit, with a clean finish and hints of pink peppercorn.
  • Love: Aromas of rose petals and sweet berries. Strawberry and vanilla, with a sharp sweet and fruity finish.
  • Oak: Rich oak spice and brown honey toast finishing on sweet caramel, vanilla and sugarcane. Soft delicate vanilla and fudge mingle with the ginger.
  • Golf: Juniper and earthy nose. Rhubarb and marshmallow root, coriander and spicy botanicals, with a clean, fresh finish.
  • Hops: Bitter hops and juniper on the nose, with a smooth hoppy lemon bitterness and thick mouthfeel. Sweetness grows on the finish.

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