Gautier Cognac

Gautier Cognac

The story begins in the 17th century when the GAUTIER family were forest owners near the Tronçais forest in France. More than a skill, our ancestors developed a close relationship to oak, captured in the family's motto "DU GALT MER SUI" which means "I am the Lord of the Forest" in ancient French. This particular expertise is one of the key elements in mastering the long maturation process of our Cognac.

In 1644, Charles GAUTIER married Jacquette Brochet, a wine-maker's daughter. From 1700, their grandson, Louis GAUTIER, further expanded the Cognac activity.
In 1755, the family obtained a Royal Warrant to produce Cognac and a founding charter signed by the King Louis XV.

Gautier Cognac History

Product Information

At Maison GAUTIER, our mission every day is to create the most generous Cognac ever for today’s Cognac enthusiasts and explorers. A Cognac that stands out for its distinctive roundness, mellowness, finesse, aromatic richness and harmony, which together deliver a real moment of self-indulgence. A Cognac with a unique signature, which is a reflection of us.


  • VS from Maison GAUTIER has won multiple awards, and has been recognized as the “WORLD’S BEST VS COGNAC” at World Cognac Awards 2015.
  • VSOP from Maison GAUTIER has won the “Gold Outstanding” medal at the widely renowned International Wine & Spirits Competition in 2015 and "Best Cognac" at the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit competition in 2016.
  • XO from Maison GAUTIER has been recognized as the “WORLD’S BEST COGNAC” at World Cognac Awards 2015 and won the “Outstanding Gold” medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2015.

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